Transportation (Fleet & Highways)


To employ practices which increase the overall fleet fuel efficiency and utilize alternative fuels and means of transport that reduce vehicular emissions and dependence on petroleum products.

  • Converted Allison automatic transmissions in new vehicles to fully synthetic fluids, replacing petroleum-based products.
  • Established average fuel efficiency goals for the Town’s
    non-Police sedans.
  • Assigned fleet sedans so that the most fuel-efficient vehicles are
    those driven most frequently.
  • Established anti-idling practices for all Town-owned vehicles.
  • Utilize bio-diesel fuel for Town vehicles, saving consumption of approximately 2,750 gallons of diesel fuel annually.
  • Inflated Town vehicle tires with pure nitrogen to better maintain proper tire pressure and optimize fleet fuel efficiency.
    Natural Gas Vehicles
  • Installed a compressed natural gas fueling station at the Riverfront Community Center to fuel Dial-A-Ride vans and sedans used to transport seniors. $
  • Incorporated alternative fuel vehicles to the Town fleet, including compressed natural gas sedans and gas/electric hybrids.
  • Recycle fleet-generated waste oil, antifreeze, used batteries, parts, and washing fluids via outside vendor.
  • Retread tires, where practicable.
  • Utilize multi-use vehicles and trailers by Highway staff to transport staff and materials to job sites, minimizing fuel consumption.
  • Installed a GPS-based automated vehicle location system to improve route choices and eliminate unnecessary idling, thereby reducing fuel consumption.
    Brine Applicator
  • Installed ground speed spreader controls on new snow/ice removal equipment, thereby optimizing application rates of treated road salt.
  • Installed LED warning lights on Police vehicles to reduce electrical draw and the need to idle vehicles during use.
  • Installed fuel saving devices in selected Police vehicles to automatically minimize the idle time necessary to operate auxiliary vehicle functions. $
  • Implemented usage of a treated road salt product in place of sand/salt mixture. Efficiencies gained include reductions in street sweeping and catch basin cleaning efforts in addition to fuel consumption reductions due to product effectiveness.
  • Utilization of bicycles and motorcycles by Police Department.

    Police Bike Patrol




 Police Motorcycle






$ = Includes Supplemental Funding (i.e. grants, rebates, incentives, etc.)

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