Procurement & Work Practices


To implement work practices and employ procurement processes that reduce natural resource consumption, improve air quality, and educate the community on the means and benefits of sustainable practices.

  • Redesigned and implemented Town web pages to improve customer service, information availability, reduce cost and improve efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Implemented internet auction sales for recycling and revenue generation of surplus vehicles and equipment. More Info
  • Recycle scrap metal and other various materials at Town Transfer Station for revenue. More Info
  • Typical Desktop PCInitiated new procedures and policies to reduce energy consumption used by computer hardware, i.e., defaulting of printers to duplexing.
  • Utilizing 30% recycled content copier/printer paper and other recycled office products where cost effective.
  • Enhanced mail processing procedures for incoming and outgoing mail resulting in greater efficiency and reduced “junk-mail.”
  • Purchase electricity, natural gas and motor fuels through competitive cooperative purchasing programs; participate in other government co-ops when in the Town’s best interest.
  • Employ green cleaning practices and products to maintain Town facilities including the purchase of chemicals certified by Green Seal, EcoLogo, or the California Air Resources Board, as appropriate.
  • Procure new appliances and office equipment with Energy Star ratings.
    Town Hall Bicycle Rack
  • Installed bike racks at various Town facilities allowing residents to choose non-motorized means of transportation.
  • Installed reminder message on all Town emails “Please consider the environment before printing a copy of this email.”
  • Implemented environmentally friendly procedures for Integrated Pest Control. (Facilities and Grounds)
  • Utilize Smart Systems (paper towel dispensers, soap dispensers, faucets, toilets and lighting) to reduce waste.
  • Utilize environmentally friendly building products such as paint, sheetrock, insulation, floor coverings, window treatments, etc.
  • Identify and replace mercury thermostats throughout Town buildings.
    Recycled Materials Bench
  • Purchase products that use recycled materials for park amenities such as benches.
  • Recycle toner cartridges back through the office products supplier to be refurbished.  
  • Educate Town employees on power saving initiatives.
  • Implemented electronic storage of documents, as practicable.
  • Automated numerous work practices to reduce paper & postage and improve efficiency, including:
    - Bids/proposals and bid tabulations are posted on the Town’s website for vendors to download
      directly saving staff resources, consumables, and postage.
    - Developed a section of the website dedicated to the Town’s Green Initiatives.
    - Implemented E-Recording of Land Records (Level 1 only).
    - Implemented computerized program scheduling at the Riverfront Community Center.
    - Implemented computerized decentralized time and attendance for payroll in larger
    - Implemented computerized project accounting system to track recreation activity revenue
      and costs to eliminate redundant record keeping and allow electronic import of revenue
      postings to the accounting system.
    - Transferred paper copies of assessment records dating back to 1964 to electronic media and
      now available on the Town’s website. Original records have been recycled.
    - Implemented on-line building permit applications allowing homeowners and contractors to
      apply for building permits without having to visit Town Hall.
    - Publish the library newsletter electronically, allowing virtually unlimited distribution.
    - Implemented new user-friendly Geographic Information System (GIS) web site for staff and
    - Converted paper forms to electronic format for use in Town operations, as practicable.

Click here to view the town's Sustainable Purchasing Policy.

 $= Includes Supplemental Funding (i.e. grants, rebates, incentives, etc.)

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