Energy Efficiency (Buildings & Infrastructure)

Objective: To employ energy efficiency and conservation measures as well as alternative and renewable technologies as practicable.

  • Awarded Energy Star Award for 2007 and 2008 from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for energy efficiency of Town Hall building. More Info
  • Received over $315,000 in energy efficiency incentive payments from CL&P for incorporation of energy efficiency measures and components in the construction of the Glastonbury High School and Nayaug Elementary School projects. $
  • Enrolled Town and Public School emergency generators in the ISO-New England Demand Response program to reduce peak demand on electrical grid and provide approximately $60,000 in payments to Town over a 15-month life of the program. $
  • Completed Energy Audit of Town Facilities and implemented recommended energy efficiency measures including:
      - Replacement of standard fluorescent lighting with super high efficiency
        T8 lighting. $ 
    Nayaug Elementary School  - Replacement of Town Hall air conditioning condensers
        with high efficiency units.  $
      - Installation of vending miser fixtures on cold drink vending machines to reduce energy usage during unoccupied periods.  $
      - Installation of software on computer servers to automatically
        put computers in energy saving “sleep” mode when not in use.
  • Purchased Renewable Energy Certificates representing 2,250,000 KWH of clean, wind generated electricity for the Town and Board of Education since October 2006.
  • Qualified for six (6) kilowatt solar array through participation in “20% by 2010” program. $
    Glastonbury High School Solar Panels
  • Benchmark energy usage in all Town buildings through use of
    Energy Star Portfolio Manager system.
  • Signed up for Energy Star Challenge with goal of reducing energy usage in Town facilities by 10%. More Info
  • Installed energy optimizing direct digital control of heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems in major Town buildings.
  • Installed energy saving variable air volume ventilating systems and variable frequency drive motors in Town HVAC systems. $
  • Installed lighting timers at various sporting venues and parking areas to limit the time lighting can be operated.
  • Glastonbury High SchoolInstalled occupancy sensor control of lighting in major Town facilities.
  • Signed on as a member of the U.S. Green Building Council.
  • Enrolled Town in Connecticut Clean Energy Fund “20% by 2010” program to encourage residents to purchase electricity from clean, renewable sources and to purchase 20% of municipal electricity from clean, renewable sources.
  • Purchase Energy Star certified appliances and equipment as replacements are needed.
  • Replaced incandescent lamps in all Town owned traffic signals with light emitting diodes (LED) which consume a fraction of the energy, are more durable, and fail incrementally allowing continued signal operation while awaiting repair.
  • Replaced older Academy Field scoreboard with incandescent lighting with new, energy efficient LED lighted scoreboard.

$ = Includes Supplemental Funding (i.e. grants, rebates, incentives, etc.)

Solar Energy at Glastonbury Facilities and Schools

Click the links below to view solar energy statistics on town facilities:

Vehicle Maintenance Garage

Glastonbury High School

Town Hall

Academy (Parks & Recreation)

Hebron Ave School

Nayaug School


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