Regional Organizations

The Town of Glastonbury is involved in a number of groups and committees associated with the Regional Organizations listed below.

Connecticut River Valley Chamber of Commerce

The local Chamber of Commerce covers the towns of both Glastonbury and East Hartford and organizes a number of events and programs in partnership with the Town of Glastonbury each year including the Summer Concert Series and Apple Harvest Festival.  Please visit the Chamber website for more information.

Capital Region East Operating Committee

The Capital Region East Operating Committee is made up by participants representing seven towns who coordinate the Regional Hazardous Waste collections.  Glastonbury is among the towns represented as well as Manchester, Hebron, and Marlborough. Click here for more information.  

Capital Region Council of Governments (CRCOG)

The CRCOG is a regional planning agency for the Greater Hartford area and Glastonbury is involved with many of their associated groups and committees. For information, visit the CRCOG website or view upcoming meetings, minutes, and agendas of the Emergency Planning Council.

Central Regional Tourism District

The goal of the Central Regional Tourism District, Formerly the Greater Hartford Tourism District, is to promote Connecticut's River Valley as a vacation and sight-seeing destination for visitors to the New England region.
The Town of Glastonbury is involved with various committees and subcommittees associated with this organization. For more information please visit the Central Regional Tourism District website.

Connecticut Siting Council

The Connecticut Siting Council is tasked, among other things, with working to protect Connecticut’s scenic, historic, and recreational values. The Town of Glastonbury is involved with various Groups and subcommittees of the Siting Council. Please see the Siting Council website for more information.

Cable TV Advisory

Cox Cable is the Cable TV provider for the Town of Glastonbury. Cox Cable Advisory Council is a governmental agency serving as a consumer advocate for member towns. For more information refer to the Cox Cable Advisory Council (Manchester Franchise) for more information.