Addison and Grange Pools will Open July 1. Reservations Required.

Please review COVID-19 pool rules & regulations.

Post Date:06/26/2020 3:08 PM

Glastonbury Parks & Recreation will open Addison and Grange Pools on July 1, 2020. Reservations will be required and may be made online beginning at 8:00 a.m. on Tuesday, June 30. (See additional details below.)

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many of the rules and operational procedures for the aquatics facilities have been modified to adhere to the guidelines presented by the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH). These guidelines are designed to help keep staff and patrons as safe as possible. It is paramount that patrons follow the new rules and regulations outlined herein as failure to do so may result in dismissal from the aquatics facility.

First and foremost, patrons are expected to self-test themselves for possible symptoms of COVID-19 virus. If, within 24 hours of your reservation date, you exhibit any of the following symptoms, (not associated to another issue such as allergies), you should stay home and should NOT visit the pool or any other public places: Temperature greater than 100.4 F, coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing, chills, repeated shaking with chills, muscle ache, headache, and sore throat, new loss of taste or smell, diarrhea, If you have come into contact with someone who has, or is suspected to have the COVID-19 virus, please do NOT visit the aquatics facility.

Reservation Information for Addison and Grange Pools

Due to DPH-mandated capacity limits, patrons must register for 2 hour time-blocks at the pools. Time blocks are:

  • 12:00 - 2:00 p.m.
  • 2:30 - 4:30 p.m.
  • 5:00 - 7:00 p.m.

There will be a ten minute adult swim after the first hour of the time block.

Reservations are required. Those who have NOT registered for the time slot will NOT be admitted into the pool area.

How to Register

Reservations can be made on-line only by visiting and clicking on the orange button.

  • Addison Pool Activity code = 100010
  • Grange Pool Activity code = 100011

Everyone in your household must be registered if they are coming to the pool. It is recommended that patrons go to the registration website to add/update your household as appropriate.

  • Reservations can be made Monday through Sunday each week.
  • Dates will be activated on Sunday mornings at 8:00 a.m. Weekday reservations can be made up until 3:00 p.m. on the day before. Weekend reservations can be made up to 3:30 p.m. on the Friday before, or the last business day prior to the weekend. (Ex: Friday, 7/3 is a holiday, therefore reservations accepted until 3:30 p.m. on Thurs. 7/2)
  • Patrons are encouraged to arrive in their bathing suits to limit the need for using the changing areas.
  • Patrons must exit the pool area by the end of the reserved time block. Please plan accordingly and begin packing up belongings in the final 15 minutes of your reserved time block to ensure you can exit on time.


  • Residents ages 0-59 - $5.00/person
  • Senior Residents (60+) = Free ($0)
  • Non-Residents of any age = $8.00/person

Safety Zones - There will be areas marked off as “Safety Zones” where household members only may congregate, available on a first come, first served basis. ONLY members of the same household may congregate in the safety zones and in the pool. When not in the pool, patrons are required to be in their “safety zone.”

Masks / Face Coverings - All patrons are required to wear a mask when entering/exiting the pool facility and while conversing with a staff member or other patrons. Exceptions made only for children < 2 years old, patrons older than 2 for whom the parent/guardian is unable to place the mask safely on the child’s face. or person(s) who have a medical condition that is adversely affected by wearing a mask. Masks are not required while in the pool or in your “safety zone”


  • There will be no refunds issued once payment is made. If the Town closes the pool for the entire day, or a specific time block, a credit will be issued to be used for another time block. If the pool closes for thunder or other reasons after the completion of the first hour, refunds will not be given.
  • No shows will not be given a credit.
  • If you need to cancel, please call the Parks & Recreation office by 4:30 p.m. one business day prior to the day of the reservation at (860) 652-7679

Additional Rules & Regulations

  • All patrons must maintain a 6 foot or greater distance from all non-household patrons at all times.
  • Please follow directional areas to enter/exit the facility and the pool.
  • Sharing of pool toys is NOT permitted among non-household members.
  • Lifeguards will NOT hand out pool toys or goggles.
  • Patrons may bring their own US Coast Guard approved personal flotation device. 

If you have any additional questions regarding these rules/regulations, please contact the Parks & Recreation office during normal operating hours at (860) 652-7679. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during these unprecedented times.

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