Volunteers Replant 20 Trees on Putnam Boulevard

Post Date:04/08/2019 3:53 PM

This past Saturday, volunteers from Glastonbury Partners in Planting, the Teen Center, and Friday Night Club worked with Town staff from the Parks & Recreation and Police Departments to replant 20 trees on Putnam Boulevard. The trees that were in place were planted circa 1990 and were dying due to infestations of Emerald Ash Beetles, a prevailing issue throughout the state. The volunteer team replanted 20 ash trees (oak, maples, ginkgos, Red Horsechestnuts and more) to revive the landscape and tree life on this busy street.

The replanting was possible thanks to Used Bare Root trees, an initiative promoted by Cornell University, as a way to reduce the weight of the soil ball/mass and promote community engagement and the ability for volunteers to participate in the planting without the need for backhoes and heavy lifting, as well as grant funding from the CT Urban Forest Council and US Forest Service.

Here are a few pictures from this successful event. Thanks to all who volunteered to make this replanting possible as we approach Earth Day 2019!

Tree replanting - Putnam Blvd 2019  Tree replanting - Putnam Blvd 2019

Tree replanting - Putnam Blvd 2019  Tree replanting - Putnam Blvd 2019