Review of the draft Plan of Conservation & Development

Post Date:07/10/2018 3:46 PM

The update to the Plan of Conservation and Development is near completion.  The Town Plan and Zoning Commission will review the draft Plan of Conservation and Development during a Special Meeting on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at six o'clock in the evening in Council Chambers at Town Hall.  The development of the draft plan is one of the final steps in a planning process that consisted of 10 public meetings that yielded recommendations from town boards and commissions, staff, civic groups, business owners and citizens.  After the review of the draft plan, the Commission will forward it to Town Council and the Capital Region Council of Governments for review and endorsement.  After review and endorsement by the appropriate bodies, the Commission will hold a public hearing for adoption of the Plan.  Prior to adoption, the Plan will be available for public inspection on the town website and in the Town Clerk’s Office for a period of at least 35 days; you can view it here.