Roundabout/Pavement Project Update

Transitioning to Phase 2, Stage 1A

Post Date:06/18/2018 4:58 PM

The first phase of the Hebron Avenue roundabout and pavement rehabilitation project located between Main St and New London Turnpike is substantially complete.  Remaining work to be completed in this area consists of pavement milling between the westerly crosswalk and Main Street, top course asphalt application over the entire phase 1 area and decorative snow-shelf and channelization island treatments.  At this time, the Town does not have a definitive timeframe for completion as it’s subject to contractor scheduling.  Workers completing these remaining tasks are subcontractors to the general contractor and, with the busy time of year and relatively small scale project, the Town is somewhat reliant upon their schedule.

Moving forward, the project has transitioned into Phase 2, Stage 1A. Work of this roundabout construction stage will largely take place at the northeast corner of the House St /Hebron Ave intersection.  This will be lengthiest phase in terms of duration, and will likely continue through mid-July (work will NOT occur the holiday week of July 4th).  Work will include construction of a retaining wall and portions of the raised splitter islands, center truck apron, and granite curbing along the gutter line. New drainage structures and connecting pipe must be installed due to gutter line realignment associated with the roundabout.  During this stage, two way traffic will be maintained on Hebron Ave.  On House Street, traffic will be limited to 1 way, in the northerly direction.

To date, the overall project and current phase are on schedule.  Phase 1 work was completed within the contractually required timeframe, with only a couple minor issues presenting and time made up elsewhere.

To date, the contracting partners for this project  and have  demonstrated that they have the resources and abilities to complete the project within the forecasted timelines.  As such, the Town is confident that the project will continue on the forecasted schedule to end in early November.  We will continue to publish updates as applicable.  If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact the Engineering Department at (860) 652-7736.

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