Get Something Notarized

Notary Public Services

Notary Public services are available at banks, mailing services, and in some cases, attorneys' and accountants' offices.  In addition, Notary Public services are available in the following Town Offices:

  • Building Inspection Office
  • Health Department Office
  • Tax Collector/Collector of Revenue Office
  • Town Clerk's Office
  • Welles Turner Memorial Library

The individual who requires the notarization and is signing the document must appear in person before the Notary.  Two signed forms of identification must be presented to have a document notarized.

  1. Photo ID (driver’s license, passport, etc.) 
  2. Credit card or bank card that meets the following criteria:
    • Signed by owner (prior to presenting)
    • Does not have an Expired Date
    • Name imprinted on card must match the name on the photo ID

*** Please note: Notaries available through Town offices do not notarize wills or documents that are notarized like a will, nor do they witness statements attesting to an individual's competency.

Schedule of Notary Services at Town Hall

Fees payable to the Town Office are as follows:  

Notarizations - Per Signature of the Notary $5.00 (Effective 7/1/2015)

Authentication Services (Town Clerk's Office only)

Occasionally the Town Clerk’s office is called upon to authenticate the signature of a Notary. This authentication service is provided for a $2.00 fee and can only be performed if the Notary's current signature is on file in the Town Clerk's Office.