Adult Programs

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Canine Games
A fun way to build the human/canine relationship and to find a new activity for you to enjoy with your dog. You and your dog will be able to try trick training, nose work, rally, obstacle work and learn some dance moves. For dogs over six months old which have basic training skills.

Dog Obedience Classes
Canine Games                    410101-CG

Fee:                 $100/Session
Meets:             Wednesdays 10:00-11:00 a.m.
Location:         Academy Cafeteria
Dates:             February 21-March 28
Instructor:       Deanna Nickels, ABCDT

Focus on Focus with your Dog
Teaches self-control techniques to calm your dog around distractions. Owners will benefit by learning better communication methods and skills. Learn over twenty focus exercises & management tools that will help your dog with loose leash walking, settling in different environments, greeting people, excessive barking and fearful behaviors. Teach your dog that the job it gets paid for is to pay attention. For dogs over 6 months old that have had basic training.

Dog Obedience Classes
Dog Focus             410101-DF

Fee:                 $100/Session
Meets:             Wednesdays 11:30 a.m.-12:30 p.m.
Location:          Academy Cafeteria
Dates:              February 21-March 28
Instructor:        Deanna Nickels, ABCDT

Family Dog Manners
Beginning level class for dogs 5 months and older and owners who want to teach their dog manners and learn about canine behavior. Class provides training & management tools to teach your dog their job within your family and enrich your relationship. Paying attention, sit, down, stay, polite greetings, coming when called and loose leash walking are some of the behaviors taught. Weekly training topic provided.

Dog Obedience Classes

Dog Manners 1          410101-DM
Dog Manners 2          410101-D2

Fee:                 $100/Session
Meets:             Mondays 6:30-7:30 p.m.
Location:         Academy Cafeteria
Session 1:       February 26-April 2
Session 2:      April 23-June 4 (No Class 5/28)
Instructor:       Deanna Nickels, ABCDT

Trick Training & Games
Is your dog using its brains to get in trouble around the house? Teaching tricks is a fun, great mental exercise and a great way to use that extra energy. Learn new tricks and teach games to your dog to improve their behavior and strengthen your relationship. In this class use trick training methods and your imagination to teach your dog things you never thought possible. Also included is agility for fun. For dogs over 6 months old with basic training skills.

Dog Obedience Classes
Trick Training                         410101-TT

Fee:               $100/Session
Meets:           Mondays 7:45-8:45 p.m.
Location:       Academy Cafeteria
Dates:           February 26-April 2
Instructor:     Deanna Nickels, ABCDT

Out and About
For dogs that can do sits, downs, stays and walk politely at home and in the training room, but when you go somewhere new your dog seems to have forgotten everything. Dogs need to repeat the basics in many different situations before they can generalize behaviors they have learned. We’ll meet in a variety of dog friendly environments to teach your dog they can do their sits, downs and walk politely anywhere.

Dog Obedience Classes
Out and About               410101-OA

Fee:              $100/Session
Meets:           Wednesdays 11:45 a.m.-12:45 p.m.
Location:       Academy Cafeteria
Dates:           April 25-May 30
Instructor:     Deanna Nickels, ABCDT

Spring Adult Tennis
(Ages 17 and Up)
Lessons are broken into 4 levels allowing instructors to give more emphasis on specific skills. Students must provide their own racquet. Level 1 is for those with little or no tennis experience. Level 2 is for those who can hold a racquet properly, understand basics of forehand and backhand and can hit at least 3 times from the center service line. Level 3 is for those who understand basics of rallying, can hit both forehand and backhand at least 3 times from the baseline, can perform basics of a serve and know how to score. Level 4 is for those who consistently rally forehand and backhand 4-6 times from the baseline, can serve, can hit overhead and approach shots, and understand the rules of the game and proper tennis etiquette.

Spring Adult Tennis Lessons
Level                 11:00 a.m.
Levels 1-4         422281-AA
Students will be divided according to skill.

Fee:                   $39/Session
Meets:               Saturday 11:00 a.m.-11:55 a.m.
Location:           GHS Tennis Courts
Dates:                April 21-May 19

Open Gym
Get out of the work week rut with invigorating exercise. Pickup Basketball Games are played on
Mondays, Tuesdays (Over 30 Only) and on the weekends, hoops for shooting around are also available on the weekends. Volleyball games are played Monday & Tuesday evenings with 2 nets are set up for recreational style play that is enjoyable for everyone. Season passes may be purchased at the Parks and Recreation office or at the gym.

Mondays: 7:30-9:30 @ SMS
Tuesdays: 7:30-9:30 @ SMS
Saturdays: 2:00-6:00 @ GHS
Sundays: 1:00-5:00 @ GHS

Fee:             $40/Yearly Pass; $80/Nonresident Yearly Pass
                    (Volleyball Only)
                    $60/Nonresident Yearly Pass
                    (Over 30 Basketball Only)
                    $4/Daily Admission
                    $8/Nonresident Daily Admission (Volleyball & Over 30 Basketball Only)
Dates:         Monday Program ends June 4; Weekend & Tuesday Program ends April 29

Adult Ballet Class - NEW
(Ages 18 and up)
A combination of classical barre, center work and dance combinations across the floor to strengthen and elongate muscles, improve posture, balance and discover movement. It will lift, tone and sculpt as well as strengthen core muscles. Exercises may be done standing at a barre (if needed based on location we use a chair instead of a barre) or standing free on the floor to enhance balance. Some exercises may be done lying on the floor. You’ll see graceful moves across the floor, small range and large range movements, ab-work, arm work and leg work - no part of the body goes untouched. This is a dance class.

Adult Dance Classes
Adult Ballet                  307401-AB
Adult Ballet                 407401-AB

Fee:                      $70 (Winter); $53 (Spring)
Meets:                   Tuesdays 6:45 p.m. – 7:30 p.m.
Location:               Academy Multipurpose Room
Winter:                  January 9-March 27
Spring:                  April 17-June 12
Instructor:             Personal Euphoria

Minnechaug Golf Course
A Town owned, 9 hole golf course located at 16 Fairway Crossing. It’s a family friendly course that offers a challenge for the experienced golfer, but with three par 3 holes, is a great learning environment for those new to the game of golf. The island green featured on the par 3, 126 yard 8th hole is one of the most exciting golf holes in the area. The course offers weekday and weekend leagues for both men and women. The course also offers a variety of clinics, camps and lessons for youth and adults. For more information, contact Minnechaug Golf Course at (860)643-9914.