Proposed Communication Tower- Cavanna Parcel

A 150 foot communication tower is proposed for the Cavanna parcel at 63 Woodland Street.  Please see the updates below in reverse chronological order.  Public Hearings related to this project may be scheduled in the coming weeks/months and will also be posted here as available.

December 22, 2016

The background report, titled Eco-Site Technical Report, was received from Cuddy & Feder. (Please note, this report is large and may take a moment or two to load in your browser window).

November 16, 2016

Per Town Manager note to Town Council, the 90 day local review process started upon the receipt of the letter by Cuddy & Feder previously distributed to Council.  This 90 day period precedes the formal application and Siting Council process.  A balloon float will be scheduled over the coming weeks and the Town will be advised of the time and date.  The background report developed to date will be posted as available.