House Street/Hebron Avenue Roundabout

The House Street / Hebron Avenue Roundabout will be constructed in the Spring of 2018.  This roundabout will be a safety solution for the high volume of vehicular accidents occurring at this intersection.  To keep the community apprised of updates regarding this project, we have created this dedicated web page.  All updates, road closures, and other announcements related to this project will be posted below in reverse chronological order. You can also subscribe to receive updates to your email through the town's enotification system. Just select the "roundabout construction" category under the News heading.  If you have any questions regarding the construction project, please contact:

Dan Pennington, Town Engineer / Manager of Physical Services
(860) 652-7736

Jeremy Cooper, Construction Project Manager
(860) 652-7847

Questions regarding Town communication platforms used for publishing project updates should be directed to:

Kathryn Paquette, Marketing & Communications Specialist
(860) 652-7518

NEW - Update: June 18, 2018

The first phase of the Hebron Avenue roundabout and pavement rehabilitation project located between Main St and New London Turnpike is substantially complete.  Remaining work to be completed in this area consists of pavement milling  between the westerly crosswalk and Main Street, top course asphalt application over the entire phase 1 area and decorative snowshelf and channelization island treatments.  At this time, the Town does not have a definitive timeframe for completion as it’s subject to contractor scheduling.  Workers completing these remaining tasks are subcontractors to the general contractor and, with the busy time of year and relatively small scale project, the Town is somewhat reliant upon their schedule.

Moving forward, the project has transitioned into Phase 2, Stage 1A. Work of this roundabout construction stage will largely take place at the northeast corner of the House St /Hebron Ave intersection.  This will be lengthiest phase in terms of duration, and will likely continue through mid-July (work will NOT occur the holiday week of July 4th).  Work will include construction of a retaining wall and portions of the raised splitter islands, center truck apron, and granite curbing along the gutter line. New drainage structures and connecting pipe must be installed due to gutter line realignment associated with the roundabout.  During this stage, two way traffic will be maintained on Hebron Ave.  On House Street, traffic will be limited to 1 way, in the northerly direction.

To date, the overall project and current phase are on schedule.  Phase 1 work was completed within the contractually required timeframe, with only a couple minor issues presenting and time made up elsewhere.

To date, the contracting partners for this project  and have  demonstrated that they have the resources and abilities to complete the project within the forecasted timelines.  As such, the Town is confident that the project will continue on the forecasted schedule to end in early November.  We will continue to publish updates as applicable.  If you have any questions regarding the project, please contact the Engineering Department at (860) 652-7736.

Roundabout Workgroup Meeting Held. Project Maps/Resources Available

Business and property owners located within 500 feet of the roundabout project bounds were invited to attend a Roundabout Workgroup meeting held on Wednesday, April 18th in Town Hall.  This meeting provided an opportunity for the local business community to learn more about the project phases and engage with the Town in regards to communication strategies. During the meeting, an overview of the project phases was presented by Town Engineer, Dan Pennington, and Glastonbury's Marketing and Communications Specialist, Kathryn Paquette, provided an overview of the communication platforms the Town is using to disseminate project updates.  As a follow up to that meeting, the Town has made the following resources available to the public.  Please click on the links below for more information.

Corresponding maps related to project phases are also available through the links below.


March 29, 2018 - Construction Work to Begin on, or Around, April 9th 

Construction on Hebron Avenue between Main St. and Sycamore St. will begin on or around April 9, 2018. Work within the corridor will include a new roundabout at the intersection of House Street and Hebron Avenue as well as pavement rehabilitation of the entire roadway outside of the new and existing roundabouts. Work outside of the roundabout project limits will generally consist of removing and replacing the entire pavement structure. Granite curb will be installed throughout and some sidewalk sections will be reconstructed in order to accommodate new grades. The new configuration will satisfactorily resolve a quantifiable safety issue at the House Street intersection and provide needed improvements to the Hebron Avenue driving surface.

The overall project is divided into several distinct construction phases. Phase 1 work will be confined to the area located between Main Street and the westerly limit of the New London Turnpike roundabout project. This phase is expected to be completed in approximately 7 weeks. During this period, traffic flow through the work zone will only be allowed in the westbound direction (see map below). Eastbound traffic will be detoured through Rankin Road and New London Turnpike as well as Welles Street in order to proceed easterly on Hebron Avenue towards Route 2. 

roundabout detour map - Phase 1 2018

Subsequent construction phases will be implemented in order to construct the roundabout and to replace the pavement structure both east and west of the House Street intersection. Detours during these phases will be forthcoming, however it is important to note that westbound traffic from Route 2 towards the Town center will NOT be detoured during any portion of any project phase.  Maintaining this direction of traffic flow without detour has been identified as critical to continued Town Center business success during the construction period. All businesses within and adjacent to the construction zone will remain open and accessible to the public at all times.

Questions concerning the project may be directed to Town Engineer/ Manager of Physical Services, Daniel A Pennington P.E., by email at or by phone at (860) 652-7736.

If you have not done so already, the Town strongly encourages all residents to subscribe to the eNotification system including the “Roundabout Construction” and “Road Work/Construction” categories. As a subscriber, you will receive real-time updates to your email inbox any time the town posts an update related to these projects. To do so, visit and select the “Roundabout Construction” and “Road Work/Construction” categories under the News heading. All project updates will also be posted as available at


October 20, 2017 - Detour and Median Installment at House St./Hebron Avenue Intersection the Week of October 23rd.

Beginning next week, (mid-week of October 23rd), a raised median island will be placed on Hebron Avenue and a raised channelization island will be constructed at the intersection of House Street and Hebron Avenue.  These islands will prohibit LEFT hand turns from House St. onto Hebron Ave.  and will serve as a temporary safety solution until the roundabout is constructed in the Spring of 2018. Implementation of this temporary traffic pattern is the responsibility of Continental Global Ventures, the Developer of the “One Glastonbury” Complex (formerly “the Mews”).  With 145 apartment units, this complex is expected to have occupancy by year-end, and is subsequently projected to increase traffic flow at this intersection.  The Hebron Ave/House St intersection experiences a significant number of vehicular accidents annually and the anticipated increase in traffic could exacerbate existing safety concerns if alternative traffic patterns aren’t promptly established.  As such, the Developer will be installing these temporary medians, which will remain in place until the roundabout is constructed in the Spring of 2018.  Median installation is expected to be completed by Friday, October 27, without causing any major disruption to traffic flow.  The roundabout will ultimately serve as the long-term solution to mitigating safety issues at this busy intersection. 

Vehicles traveling SOUTH on House Street and wishing to proceed EASTBOUND on Hebron Avenue will need to follow detour signage as outlined below.  Traffic turning onto House St. from Hebron Ave. in either direction will remain permissible.  We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and appreciate your patience as we work to preserve the safety of our community.

Detour if traveling SOUTH on House Street to Hebron Avenue EASTBOUND – path marked in BLUE.
(Right turns from House onto Hebron Avenue WESTBOUND still permissible as marked with Purple Arrow.)

Temporary Safety Median at House-Hebron - Oct 2017