Statewide Community Wellbeing Survey in Progress

Glastonbury residents may receive phone questionnaire

Post Date:04/09/2018 3:30 PM
Glastonbury residents may be called upon to participate in a statewide Community Wellbeing Survey currently underway in Connecticut. DataHaven, a nonprofit data collection organization in New Haven, is conducting this survey for the second time in an effort to better understand wellness and health in Connecticut. Survey representatives will be contacting randomly selected residents over the course of the coming months to inquire about general health, wellness, and other social and economic factors affecting overall wellbeing. In all, they will solicit feedback from 15,000 randomly selected Connecticut residents before completing the survey this summer.

“The mission of the initiative is to produce reliable neighborhood-level information on issues that are most meaningful to local residents, and to foster collaboration between the hundreds of organizations, institutions, businesses, and agencies that are working to build stronger communities,” explained DataHaven in their recent press release. The survey provides valuable health data that local agencies can use to support community health programs. In fact, the Glastonbury Health Department used data from the 2015 Community Wellbeing Survey while conducting research for the Glastonbury Community Health Assessment to be presented this year.

“The 2018 Community Wellbeing Survey will allow unprecedented tracking of regional and local trends over the past three years, as well as create an even more in-depth portrait of Connecticut’s neighborhoods, when updated results are shared this fall,” says DataHaven.

Survey efforts began in late March and will continue through the summer months. If selected, Glastonbury residents may receive a phone call from a Sienna College Research Institute representative and will be asked a series of questions. Calls will appear with a 203 or 518 area code. “Surveys of this nature are truly invaluable to public health agencies,” said Wendy Mis, Glastonbury Director of Health. “This level of personal health and wellness data can be difficult to obtain and, when collected in a survey of this magnitude, provides a clearer picture of health and wellness in Connecticut overall, as well as health and wellness factors impacting the Glastonbury community. We strongly encourage any Glastonbury residents who receive a survey request to respond. The more representation we have from our community members, the better local health agencies can support Glastonbury residents through future health programs.”

DataHaven reported that “results from the survey will be published in a series of local and statewide reports throughout 2018 and 2019, helping to shed light on progress being made toward community priorities, including financial security for families, access to affordable health care, public health and safety, and opportunities for children to succeed, as well as on current challenges, such as the opioid epidemic, housing instability, and limited transportation options. Dozens of reports and studies have used data from the Community Wellbeing Survey, including many that are posted on the DataHaven website.” To learn more about DataHaven and this initiative, please visit their website at