Tree Trimming Work Begins in Glastonbury This Week

Asplundh workers notifying residents door to door

Post Date:01/12/2018 4:44 PM

Eversource has indicated that tree trimming work will begin in Glastonbury this week to help move tree limbs safely away from power lines. Work will be performed by Asplundh Tree Expert Co. and is expected to be completed by the end of April 2018. Eversource/Asplundh employees will be going door to door to distribute information and collect permission slips to proceed with the work. These employees can answer specific questions about the work from residents who have trimming that will take place on their property.

Residents should be advised that all Asplundh employees going door-to-door will be wearing an Eversource ID badge. They drive in clearly marked pickups, which say “Asplundh Tree Experts” and may have a magnetic sign saying “contractor for Eversource”. Tree trimming work will take place on the street list below, therefore residents living in these areas should expect a visit from an Asplundh employee to advise of the work necessary on their respective property.

If you have any questions, please contact the representatives on the information provided by Asplundh, or Eversource Vegetation Manager, Susan Stotts at (860) 333-4883, or if necessary, Glastonbury Tree Warden, Greg Foran, at (860) 652-7686.

Glastonbury Streets where tree trimming work will take place in the coming months:

street list for tree trimming in Glastonbury 2018

For your reference, here are some photos of the work equipment they'll be using out in the field. (Photos provided by Eversource)

tree trimming equipment- Asplundh/Eversource

tree trimming equipment- Asplundh/Eversource