Power Outage Update as of 12:40pm

Post Date:11/02/2017 1:47 PM

As of 12:40 pm today, Eversource has made substantial progress in restoring power as projected. The latest update from them is as follows:

80 customers remain out from this past Sunday’s storms.  Areas where there are still multiple outages include:

  • Hampshire Drive/Courtney (23) – (down from 53 this morning)
  • Woodpond (9)
  • Natchaug Rd (4)
  • Dug Rd (10)

There are also some areas with 1-2 customer outages that will be addressed after all priority areas have been cleared.

The Town wants to remind residents that if they're still experiencing a power outage, please check/report them using the Eversource website.  Please keep in mind, some fallen trees may be resting on communication wires as opposed to power lines. For those instances, please contact Frontier Communications for resolution.