Protect Yourself This Tick Season!

Above average volume of Ticks this year

Post Date:06/09/2017 3:00 PM

Due to this past year's mild winter, ticks are increasingly prevalent this summer.  If you or your loved ones are spending time outdoors, take caution to avoid tick bites which carry Lyme and other diseases.  The following tips/tricks may help you/your family:

  1. When spending time outside, wear long pants tucked into boots and long sleeves- especially when working in wooded areas, or areas with leaf litter, brush, or tall grasses.  
  2. Dress yourself or your children in light-colored clothing to make ticks easier to spot.
  3. Check yourself, your children, and your pets for ticks after being outdoors.
  4. Protect Yourself with DEET or Permethrin!
  • Use repellents that contain 20% or more DEET, picaridin, or IR3535 on exposed skin and clothing. Always follow product instructions.
  • Use products that contain permethrin on clothing. Treat clothing and gear, such as boots, pants, socks and daypacks with products containing 0.5% permethrin. Always follow product instructions.

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