Roundabout Construction Update

Post Date:04/20/2017 3:03 PM

Contractor operations to date have focused on road widening at all four corners of the intersection in order to accommodate the physical footprint of the roundabout. Efforts thus far have been primarily confined to areas behind the existing curb lines in addition to extensive utility relocation both overhead and underground. Although most operations are taking place off road, the need to provide working space for trucks and heavy equipment will result in traffic delays.

Once corner widening is complete, a date will be selected for simultaneous removal of the existing traffic signal equipment and establishment of the counter clockwise traffic circulation characteristic of a modern roundabout. The traffic flow pattern will be temporarily guided using a combination of lighted traffic drums, large cones, and flexible delineators secured to the pavement. Temporary pedestrian crossing points will be created at locations coincident with the final locations. This transition will take place largely during the overnight hours on the selected date and will continue into the following morning until the desired circulation pattern is safely established. Police Officers will be present to direct traffic as necessary during this period. The exact date for this operation will be weather dependent, however, a target date of April 27 has been identified at this juncture.

Subsequent work requiring road closures and associated detour patterns will be detailed in future updates. It is important to note that all businesses within, and adjacent to, the project limits will remain OPEN during construction and that vehicular access to those businesses will be maintained at all times.

As always, the Town appreciates the patience of the motoring public as we work to improve our community. 

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roundabout construction 2017

roundabout construction 2017
roundabout construction 2017