Property Tax Relief Available Now - May 15th

State and Local Relief Programs Available

Post Date:02/17/2017 3:54 PM

The Glastonbury Social Services Department and the Glastonbury Assessor’s Office are currently accepting applications for the state and local tax relief programs.

Homeowners or their spouses must be at least age 65 by December 31, 2016 (or, if younger, have been granted 100% Social Security disability) to qualify for the state program, which has an income limit of $35,200 for single homeowners and $42,900 for married couples.  Homeowners age 65 or older, whose income is less than $56,890 may qualify for Glastonbury’s local tax relief program.  Residents age 65 or older who qualify for the state program may also apply to defer their taxes on an annual basis, subject to a nominal interest rate. Documentation required: SSA-1099 for 2016 in all cases; if income taxes are filed, a signed copy of the applicant’s 2016 federal income tax form; if income tax is not filed, copies of all 1099 forms for 2016.

The deadline for applying for elderly tax relief benefits is May 15, 2017.

Veteran's Exemptions

Veterans who are receiving a veteran’s exemption may also be eligible to receive increased benefits by applying for the Additional Veterans Program. The income levels are $35,200 for single people and $42,900 for married couples. Income proof as outlined above must be provided.

The deadline for applying for Additional Veterans benefits is September 29, 2017.

Please call Social Services at 860-652-7634 for further information, to request any application, or to make an appointment. (If you will be filing federal income tax, please do not make an appointment until your taxes are done).