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Build a Better … You ~ Find Your Power, Find Your Joy

Library Program for Adults

Apple-Heart Seed-copyright frimufilms/Fotolia.comDr Bridget Cooper-image appears with permissionThe world can be a frustrating and crazy place. The good news is that living a healthy life starts in our own heads! Do you know who lives life to the max, walks into a room full of presence and confidence, and finds success when others see defeat? Those who claim their power and write the story of their own life! In this seminar, you’ll learn how to break free of indecision, fear, and disarm your inner critic. Taught by relationship, personal power and corporate strategy expert Dr. Bridget Cooper (aka, Dr. B), get ready to have your thoughts shifted, calm restored and power unleashed. Dr. B makes her living rattling people’s cages so they can live, love and work better. Dr. B will have copies of her most recent book, Little Landslides: How We Rise Up From Our Pain, as well as previous books available for purchase and signing at the event. Registration required, online or at the Reference Desk at 860-652-7720.

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Image (apple) © frimufilms/Fotolia.com. Dr. Cooper's picture appears with permission.

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