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Cut the Cord! How to End the High Cost of Your Cable TV & Phone Service

Library Program for Adults

Cable Cord Cutting-copyright Alexey Rotanov/Fotolia.comIs your cable, phone and internet bill one of the highest in your household? Are you tired of switching providers or arguing with yours when your short-term introductory rates expire and your bill more than doubles? Or do you just want to save $1,000 a year or more? Cut the cord! In this free and independent seminar, James Gifford, who has 30 plus years’ experience in consumer electronics, home entertainment systems and Internet computing, will explain:

  • The real costs of cable TV and phone service. (It’s more than you think!)
  • The range of services available from Internet sources like Netflix, Hulu, Vudu and hundreds of provider websites.
  • YouTube (It’s not just for cat videos anymore!)
  • The basic TV and entertainment system you need to get the most from Internet providers.
  • The inexpensive equipment you need to connect to these sources. (You might even own some of it already!)
  • The secret cable telephone providers don’t want you to know … and how to turn it to your advantage.
  • How to cut Internet costs by even more than just rates.
  • How to reduce or eliminate all ads and commercial interruptions.
  • How to make it all work together for an unparalleled home entertainment experience!

Don’t miss out because you think this is all too technical and difficult for a dedicated “couch potato” – there are options as easy to use as plugging in a toaster. It only takes a little computer and internet experience to be able to use the more advanced options. And bring your questions! This seminar will cover the special issues and problems of “getting good TV” in the greater Glastonbury area, but anyone can use the more general information. This is an independent presentation and is not sponsored by any manufacturer or provider. Seating is limited, so registration is required online or at the Reference Desk at 860-652-7720.

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James Gifford is a Tolland, CT resident and owner of NitroPress Communications in Tolland, CT (www.nitropress.com).

Image © Alexey Rotanov/Fotolia.com

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